AI Solutions

Build pit crews not pit stops

Fomoro offers AI-driven edge hardware and software solutions for the manufacturing floor and supply chain. Our solution elevates unskilled operators and assists them in the performance of complex tasks that previously required skilled talent.

AI Upskilling for Manufacturing

Human-in-the-loop AI for Manufacturing

A Fomoro system creates a digital twin that assists production in real-time to match and exceed project specs using existing data and human operators. The AI systems learn from feedback and continuously improves operational efficiency and quality, and issues human-friendly update instructions for operators. Instead of expensive inflexible robots for complex assembles, your existing workforce is fully leveraged. The system is tied to ERP for optimum resource allocation and reporting.

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Solve Talent Shortages

Maintain/increase production level even under severe skilled talent shortage.

Faster Time to Market

Increase revenue by faster time to market, and quicker response to shifts in demand.

Improve Outputs

Ensure high quality execution – maximize quality, minimize unplanned downtime.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by streamlining operations and optimizing resource allocation.


Fomoro begins by setting the objective for the project with factory engineers. Fomoro’s system can capture human experts actions as digital data. The system combines this with other available data such as digital product specs. Fomoro engineers select the best AI algorithm and tune it for the solution. It is integrated into the factory infrastructure with the factory engineers. The system produces actionable and simple game-like instructions for human operators.

As more accurate and timely prediction becomes available in real time, selected complex tasks can be automated or turned into simple series of instructions. The results can elevate unskilled operators to making sophisticated decisions, bringing agility to the manufacturing floor and supply chain.

Our flexible AI allows for faster time to market and quick line changes while using data to improve over time. It ensures continuously improving and high quality execution by unskilled operators and reduced costs by streamlining operations and resource allocation.

What could you do as an AI-powered company?