Fully automated visual inspection

Simple visual inspection system to automate manual visual inspection. Easy to retrofit to existing lines.

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Key features

Visual inspection system

Our system is fast to set up, simple to learn, and easy to use.

Fast setup

30 minutes to set up the hardware, 30 minutes to set up a job.

Easy to use

Manage your jobs using our beautifully simple app.

Accessible anywhere

Stay in the loop with your jobs from mobile or the web.

Endlessly flexible

Supports conveyor belts, extrusions, static cells, even 3D inspection.

High-mix environments

Inspect different parts or products with the same system.

Small footprint

Integrates easily with existing lines while saving space.

True automation

Connect to downstream controllers (linear actuators) to automatically sort out defects.

Low maintenance

Set it and forget it.

Base System Includes

Hardware and software you need to automate visual inspection


Up to four high-speed HD color cameras per compute node.


Fast compute node to run our proprietary state-of-the-art algorithms.


Bright LED light panels to ensure the part or product is well-illuminated.


Arduino interface to connect with downstream operations.

* Setup fee may vary depending on the required components. Price subject to change. Contact sales or talk to your account manager for current pricing details.


$3,000* Estimated setup fee plus $750 Per month

  • Unlimited jobs
  • No per-user fees
  • No storage costs
  • Customer support
  • Flexible integrations
  • Volume discounts
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