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Continous Improvement

Move faster. Prototype new product features without a long term investment.

Hiring a single engineer is hard, let alone a team of machine learning engineers. Fomoro provides a team of on-demand machine learning experts for your startup. Our team has expertise in sensitive data (healthcare, ecommerce, agriculture and aerospace) and complex model development.

We specialize in applying cutting-edge machine learning research to business problems and can help with everything from exploratory prototypes to scaled production models.

Model creation and evaluation.

Following state-of-the-art is hard and always changing. Ensure the results you're seeing internally will transfer to production.

Training and education.

Get your engineering, product, or design teams up to speed with the latest machine learning techniques.

Data analysis.

When you have lots of data but need more direction on how it can be used, we can provide insight.

Computer Vision

Product photos, real estate, faces, or cats and dogs.

Natural Language

Understanding user-generated text.

Synthetic Data

Sometimes you just need more data.

Focus on Your Project

Each week, we iterate and improve on the initial project. Our development cycle typically consists of running experiments, analyzing results, and making further changes to the model or dataset as indicated.

During this process, we provide:

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Leadership Team

Jim Fleming

Founder and CTO at Fomoro. Focused on machine learning and applying cutting-edge research for businesses. Previously @rdio.

Danielle Swank

Founder and Head of Product at Fomoro. Background in complex software development for aerospace and e-commerce. Previously @planetlabs and @aislerocket.

Sahil Khanna

Lead Data Engineer at Fomoro. Experienced working with sensitive data (medical and corporate) and finding technical solutions to problems across many domains. Previously @crowdflower and @cisco.

Articles & Case Studies

.01Notes on the Numerai ML Competition

What I tried, what worked well, and what didn’t work at all. read »

.02Loading a TensorFlow graph with the C++ API

An introduction to using TensorFlow's C++ interface. read »

.03Before AlphaGo there was TD-Gammon

Introduces temporal difference learning, TD-Lambda / TD-Gammon, and eligibility traces. read »

.04Highway Networks with TensorFlow

Walkthrough of an implementation of highway networks. read »

.05Loading TensorFlow graphs from Node.js

An introduction to using TensorFlow's FFI interface. read »

.06An LSTM Space Search Odyssey

Discusses the paper LSTM: A Search Space Odyssey. read »

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